Anatomy and Examination in Ocular Trauma, 1st Edition


This book aimed to provide the most thorough knowledge of ocular anatomy related to trauma and standard ocular examinations to clinical practitioners, such as the nurses, medical students, residents, fellows and even ophthalmologists, to help them making the most appropriate decision on the management of patients who have suffered from such ocular conditions. A thorough understanding of the anatomy of the eyeball and the traumatic characteristics of each structure of the eyeball are a prerequisite for proper interpretation of long-term outcomes of mechanical eye injuries.

The first part provides the audiences general information of ocular anatomy, which will help them understand the basic anatomic knowledge and generate a clinical thinking. The following part provides the detailed examinations. They will help readers to make the right diagnose and offer the best advice or treatment to the patients. For each chapter, detailed clinical workup, clinical presentations and signs, and pictures or illustrative figures will be provided. Part 3 will benefit more medical coworkers to be familiar with the registration system of ocular trauma and its social and medical meaning. This will also help the advances of epidemiology and proper treatment approaches for ocular trauma. Hopefully this book may help the clinical practitioners to be fully prepared for any challenge of ocular traumatic cases.

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