Precise Neurovascular Anatomy for Radical Hysterectomy, 1st Edition


This extraordinary monograph provides the precise neurovascular anatomy involved in open-abdominal radical hysterectomies, information that is essential for surgeons.

For the surgical treatment of invasive cervical cancer, E. Wertheim reported the first systematic data on radical hysterectomy in the early 20th century. While Okabayashi’s radical hysterectomy technique, which modified Wertheim’s approach, later became the mainstream choice for the treatment of Stage Ib and IIb cervical cancer in Japan, the anatomy of the pericervical area is still not fully understood. The recent spread of laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery also requires a clear grasp of the anatomy of the blood vessels in the connective tissues of the female pelvis.
Precise Neurovascular Anatomy for Radical Hysterectomy provides comprehensive information on the surgery and surgical steps necessary for the complete preservation of the nerve function of the urinary bladder and rectal-nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy. All illustrations presented in this book were drawn by the first author – a pioneering gynecological surgeon – and reflect real-world procedures. Plus, a total of 4 hours of supplementary videos introducing the history of hysterectomy, the concept and precise anatomy of nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy, and live surgery provide valuable visual aids for professionals. All anatomical features described are essential and practical, and have been refined based on the latest clinical practice. As such, the book offers a valuable resource for all gynecological surgeons and general surgeons with an interest in gynecological oncology.

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