Emerging Topics and Controversies in Neonatology


This textbook addresses the themes that are at the forefront of neonatal clinical care and research, based on natural divisions in care during pregnancy, and postnatally by gestational age at birth. The book offers a unique approach, in that it proposes discussion of  important general principles underpinning neonatal care that are not addressed in most general neonatology textbooks, such as ethical issues, counselling, effective training methods, quality and safety, among other subjects. These are fundamental aspects and challenges that need to be appreciated by senior clinicians. A chapter authored by parents describing their perspectives of neonatal intensive care is unique and will be highly educational, with the potential to influence the way in which individuals view and deliver neonatal care.

The authors discuss common and important conditions, to promote adoption of sound evidenced based practice where this is available. However, where evidence is limited, as is the case in many areas of neonatal practice, the authors aim to encourage critical thinking and evidence appraisal, which are necessary skills for busy clinicians wishing to filter evidence to guide delivery of care.

This text is suitable for senior trainees wishing to pursue a career in neonatal medicine, early career neonatologists and paediatricians with an interest in neonatology. It is also of interest to established neonatologists wishing to update their neonatal knowledge. The content is based on the RCPCH Level 3 curriculum, and addresses important topical and/or controversial aspects of neonatal care.

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