Neurology Q & A review

Neurology Q&A Review is a comprehensive self-assessment tool that offers over 900 multiple choice questions to help medical students, residents, and attending physicians learn neurology and prepare for high-stakes exams. Designed for all levels of study, questions are broken into 17 subject areas and include answers with clear, concise explanations to give both students and more experienced clinicians a robust but efficient review of core topics in neurology. The book contains hundreds of images to demonstrate, rather than describe, what neurologists actually see and reinforce learning.

Encompassing the breadth and scope of neurology principles and practice, the book is packed with questions that highlight key concepts and must-know information in the neurology curriculum. Using the question and answer format, one of the most effective methods for self-study, this book provides an expansive review of the knowledge base and clinical practice areas necessary for success. Neurology Q&A Review is designed to test recall, sharpen skills, and address the fundamental components of neurology training and practical knowledge.


Broad spectrum question and answer review focusing on core neurologic topics
Questions organized by subject and level of difficulty—every chapter contains “Base Knowledge” and “Challenge” questions
Over 900 multiple-choice questions with answers and rationales, including many image-based questions
Facilitates recall of key concepts and helps identify knowledge gaps
Perfect for focused exam review or ongoing self-assessment
App Included!

Includes all the high-quality content from the book!
Information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.
Available on iOS, Android, and the web, with a powerful, simple-to-use interface.

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