Practical Radiation Oncology, 1st Edition



This book addresses the most relevant aspects of radiation oncology in terms of technical integrity, dose parameters, machine and software specifications, as well as regulatory requirements. Radiation oncology is a unique field that combines physics and biology. As a result, it has not only a clinical aspect, but also a physics aspect and biology aspect, all three of which are inter-related and critical to optimal radiation treatment planning.

In addition, radiation oncology involves a host of machines/software. One needs to have a firm command of these machines and their specifications to deliver comprehensive treatment. However, this information is not readily available, which poses serious challenges for students learning the planning aspect of radiation therapy. In response, this book compiles these relevant aspects in a single source.

Radiation oncology is a dynamic field, and is continuously evolving. However, tracking down the latest findings is both difficult and time-consuming. Consequently, the book also comprehensively covers the most important trials. Offering an essential ready reference work, it represents a value asset for all radiation oncology practitioners, trainees and students


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