The Essentials of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, 33rd edition

K. S narayan reddy, has been professor of forensic medicine since 1965. He was awarded the degree of doctor of philosophy in medicine, by the international university of contemporary studies, washington d.c u.s.a. The aim is to provide reasonable coverage of the subject as a whole. The opinions expressed in the book are entirely mine. It is intended primarily to meet the needs of the undergraduate medical students, already overburdened with a heavy curriculum, to have a clear grasp of the subject and for examination purpose. Table of contents section i: forensic medicine 1. Introduction 2. Legal procedure 3. Medical law and ethics 4. Identification 5. Medicolegal autopsy 6. Death and its cause 7. Postmortem changes 8. Mechanical injuries 9. Regional injuries 10. Medicolegal aspects of wounds 11. Thermal deaths 12. Starvation 13. Mechanical asphyxia 14. Anaesthetic and operative deaths 15. Impotence and sterility 16. Virginity, pregnancy and delivery 17. Abortion 18. Sexual offences 19. Infant deaths 20. Blood stains 21. Artefacts 22. Forensic science laboratory 23. Forensic psychiatry section ii: toxicology 24. General considerations 25. Agricultural poisons 26. Corrosive poisons 27. Metallic poisons 28. Inorganic irritant poisons 29. Organic irritant poisons 30. Cns depressants 31. Psychotropic drugs 32. Deliriant poisons 33. Drug dependence and abuse 34. Spinal poisons 35. Cardiac poisons 36. Asphyxiants 37. Miscellaneous poisons 38. Food poisoning appendices index

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